As part of the call for a New Poor People’s Campaign, leaders across struggles for human rights and dignity are coming together to create a Truth Commission on the Right Not to Be Poor. As our government and the news media become less and less reliable sources of information, we have to work together to seek out the truth about the crises we’re facing.

This Truth Commission will happen through a series of tribunals, community hearings, public actions, and listening tours. With it, we will connect the experiences and insight of people on the front lines of the fight for survival. Through this process, the Truth Commission will play a significant role in developing the national platform of the New Poor People’s Campaign.


Rev. Dr. King listens as a woman speaks in a crowded classroom.

Rev. Dr. King visited Marks, Mississippi while preparing for the Poor People’s Campaign. He deeply moved by the testimony he heard there, and Marks became the launching point for one of the caravans to Resurrection City in D.C. In the lead-up to the Poor People’s Campaign, Rev. Dr. King traveled around the country: from Mississippi to Chicago to Memphis, seeking the truth about the problems poor people were facing.

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We are assembling a network of commissioners representing organizations, campaigns, and other efforts with deep relationships to the poor and dispossessed of our country. Twenty of these commissioners have agreed to constitute a Standing Commission for 2017. Learn more about the members of the Standing Commission.

Want to know more about “The Right to Not Be Poor”? Interested in why we’ve decided to form this Truth Commission? Read a more in-depth explanation.

To make this Truth Commission work, we need to help commissioners travel to communities around the country. Make a donation to help with transportation costs.