Celebrate MLK: It’s time for a New Poor People’s Campaign

Celebrate MLK: It’s time for a New Poor People’s Campaign

This MLK Weekend (January 14th-16th), people around the country will be working together to revive Rev. Dr. King’s call for a Poor People’s Campaign. In 2017 as in 1967, our nation needs to undergo a “radical revolution of values” and it’s the poor and the dispossessed who are in the best position to lead the way; But only if we’re able to take action together. This MLK Weekend, we’re taking another step in that direction.

Here’s how you and your group can participate

—Join the Facebook event. You can share about your group and what you’re doing for MLK Day there, and see what other groups are doing, too. It’ll also be the place we’ll be sharing resources and materials.

—Bring the call for a New Poor People’s Campaign into the events you’re already planning, or are going to be a part of. Lift up the work being done by groups who’ve taken on the campaign and/or show a video about the New Poor People’s Campaign. There’s a short promo on our homepage and a longer video from our Midwest Tour earlier this year here. (it’s embedded below as well). You can also use this short reading as a way to connect your local fights and efforts to others who are taking up the call.

—Organize a discussion about the 1967-1968 Poor People’s Campaign and the challenges we’re facing today. It can be small or large, long or short. We’ve put together a discussion guide with excerpts from MLK’s speeches and writings, and about the New Poor People’s Campaign. You can organize it for MLK Day itself, MLK’s birthday (Sunday the 15th), or even for Saturday. Download it here.

—Participate on social media: post pictures from your events on the event’s wall. Use the hashtags #PoorPeoplesCampaign and #MLKLives to help connect and amplify our voices. Re-share the posts that we’ll be sharing through this event the whole weekend.